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Technotunnel T 1000

An automatic extrusion tray tunnel for the production, hardening, and packing of different ice-cream formats, such as stick bars with chocolate coating and crunched nuts, sandwiches, cones, stickless bars, logs, and cakes—all available in different sizes and shapes upon the customer's request. Technotunnel range is available in 4 models: T600 with a capacity of up to 5.500 pieces per hour, T800 with a capacity of up to 7.500 pieces per hour, T1000 with a capacity of up to 10.000 pieces per hour, and T1800 with a capacity of up to 18.000 pieces per hour.

The electrical panel which contains all the electrical devices is located above the work plane. All the operations concerning the tunnel are controlled by means of a touch-screen panel situated under the electrical cabinet. The automatic plate-washing device is at the back of the machine, near the plate exit station.

Robotic Pick-Up 

Extrusion tray tunnel for high production capacities (up to 18,000 pieces / hour). The products are extruded in 2 rows and picked up automatically by a robotic system that transfers them to proper clamps installed on an in-line transfer system. During the transfer, the products are dipped into tanks for chocolate coating and, where required, in a "dry coater" for a dry ingredients coating. A second robotic unit picks up the products at the end of the in-line system and, always in a full automatic mode, transfers them to the packaging area.

End Products

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

Cone Ball-Cone Stick Ice-Cream Extruded Ice-Cream Sandwich
  • Hourly Production (Kg/h) 500
  • Hourly Production (pcs/h) 12000
  • Number of trays 900/655
  • Tray dimensions 381 x 250 & 381 x 370
  • Isothermal box internal temperature -40 °C
  • Products per tray 4
  • Minimum stay 17 min
  • Evaporator capacity (kcal/h) 86100
  • Evaporator capacity (kW/h) 100
  • Isothermal box thickness (mm) 200
  • Power (Kw) 140
  • Special performances NH3 - R404 - R507
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