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Rotary 4000E

Rotary fillers are reliable and efficient automatic machines designed to dispense and package ice cream into cones, tubs, truffles, tiramisu, and a variety of single-portion packages.

End Products

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

Cone Containers Water Ice Push-Up
  • Hourly Production 4000
  • Air intake at 6 bar (l/min) 700
  • Power (Kw) 1,2
  • Container Ø max. (mm) 100
  • Dimensions (diameter x height mm.) 1000x1320x2000

Perfect automatism and synchronism are guaranteed for all the operations carried out:

  • Cone and cup dispenser
  • Calibration (cone only)
  • Waterproofing spray (cone only)
  • Ice cream dispensing with ripples if required • topping
  • Feeder for crunched nuts and cocoa powder • positioning of lids
  • Closure
  • Ejection.

On request the following can be supplied:

  • 2nd dispenser for decoration
  • Stamper
  • Heat sealing for lid
Industrial Systems
For Large Scale Production