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EXP 750

Technogel continuous freezers are designed for ice cream and gelato production with adjustable overrun between 20 and 120% permitting the production of industrial and artisan ice cream. A special pump, as optional, is available for tiny fruit seeds.

  • Production (L/h) 750
  • Power (Kw) 19,6
  • Dimensions (diameter x height mm.) 720x1670x 1400(+350)

The machine is basically composed of

  • Self-contained cooling compressor
  • Dasher with stainless steel scraping blades

Touch-screen for the setting and visualization of the folowing functions and parameters:

  • Production speed overrun
  • Barrel pressure
  • Viscosity
  • Ice cream temperature (except 400)
  • Hot gas function (for reduced production speed)
  • Memorization of recipes
  • CIP cycle
  • Self-diagnostic
Industrial Systems
For Large Scale Production